Mazzè     is located in Turin province, at the far east of the Canavese area, an historical region of Piemonte along the river Dora Baltea, south of the natural
morainic amphitheatre, and owing to its geographical position it was the best route from the North-West to Milan and Lombardia. The local patrons, Milanese
martyrs Gervasio and Protasio, who vere buried with St. Ambrogio in the Milan church of the same name, are proof of the tight friendship that linked the
Counts of Valperga (rulers of Mazzè for eight centuries) with this town.

Mazzè has preserved much of its past from the iron age to today; you just need to look around to imagine the history of a village keeping the ford on the river
under control and achieving prosperity and influence thanks to its position. The countryside offers priceless views, a walk in the gorge descending to the river or up to  the Bicocca tumulus will be an unforgettable experience. In the inns you can taste the local wines, Erbaluce and the famous Passito, eat fritto misto, try finanziera, cabbage soup and carp soused in vinegar, or rich beans stewed in an old earthenware pot, and choose sweet fried apples for dessert, or try canestrelli, a rare speciality of Mazzè and Tonengo. Fishermen can enjoy the trout and other fresh-water fish that the Dora offers, whilst horse-riders and cyclists can ride along routes of great nature and cultural interest.

Count Eugenio Brunetta d'Usseaux is co-founders of the modem Olimpic games, he lived in Mazzè and he has been the only Italian, secretary of the International
 Olympic Committee till now. To this fascinating citizen CONI has dedicated a publication evidencing his role in the modem Olympic games. Unfortunately, there
are no local hotels for short stay visits, but a couple of bed and breakfast are scheduled, the first in the picturesque countryside of Casale and the second in the old part of Mazzè, by the castle. Mazzè is 35 km from Turin, 100 km from Milan, 20 km from Ivrea and can easily be reached by the Milano-Torino or
Torino-Aosta motorways. The nearest railway station is Caluso, 3 km away, on the Torino-Aosta line, and from here you can reach the historic centre on a
cycle track next to the main road, or walk along the ancient Via Francigena - the 3 humps road, a bit more tiring,
but going through vineyards and chestnut woods.

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